Column 13 - Dancing!

Original publication date: November 30, 1983

Let's dance.

With all the social to-do's during the Christmas season there's bound to be a lot of dancing. Put down your drink, overcome your shyness and dance the night away. If your spouse or friend (could be one and the same) doesn't dance grab somebody else and have a great time.

There have been a few Christmas dances I attended where I sat all night long wishing I could dance as well as the people I was watching. Not anymore. My interest in dancing as been rekindled through the danceable new wave music. The music beckons me to dance, and since there's no certain dance step I don't even have to know what I'm doing. I just move to the music. It's no longer shuffling along the dance floor dragging your partner around. Ther's no more stepping on toes or wondering where to put your hands. The new wave music is pretty individual. Even the slow songs can be danced alone. It's great if your date doesn't like to dance. Girls dancing with girls, which has always been okay in Europe is also acceptable here now.

What if you don't know how to dance? What if the music is all from the 50s as it has been at the Christmas dances I have been going to for the past four years? Considering I was born in the late 50s with my music appreciation starting in the late 60s with hard rock, it's no wonder I had always been nervous of dancing. 1 can't dance to hard rock and I never learned to do the jive or how to dive between my partners legs. So my dancing went into hibernation for quite some time.

Since I've been teaching an exercise class for a few years now to music, my body has learned how to pick up the beat and stay in tune with it. It seemed to take a lot of practice. Some people are born with rhythm and legs that just won't quit on the dance floor, and these are the people who are on the dance floor all night.

Dancing is a great way of meeting people . (unfortunately much more so if you're single) and a great form of fun exercise. It can tone up muscles, aid in your respiratory and circulatory systems, burn a lot of calories, and work your heart, without knowing that you are doing all these things. Especially after eating a big Christmas meal and having a few drinks, dancing can make you feel much better at the end of the night.

Dancing has really been rediscovered in the past few years with the help of all the fitness ads and the big push to sell fancy exercise outfits. The sexy outfits aren't just for lounging in the house. They make you want to move.

One company which has become very successful in the teaching of dancing as a form of serious exercise is Dancefit (Canada) Ltd. In 1978 dancefit started with owner-choreographer Lynette Handley and instructor Joanne Yausie and about 30 participants. Now with about 107 instructors and 3,500 participants from Sarnia to Toronto, Dancefit is a household name.

I've watched several Dancefit classes in progress and found them to be quite fun. The women enjoy themselves and get a workout as well. Some women attend because they considered themselves to be poor dancers and the class teaches them to move with the music. The medically researched class is for all ages and fitness levels, but restricted to women only. The women can teach their husbands at home.

Handley and business manager husban Darrell Figgins plan on making the Kitchener office the Canadian head office. They're here to stay. Dancing is here to stay. Don't miss out. Make a point to get up and have a good time on the dance floor with everyone else.

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