Column 29 - Jog Indoors

Original publication date: March 21, 1984

You shopped all over town for your new jogging outfit. Now you are sitting at home wondering when the slush and snow will be gone.

If you have just recently decided to get into shape, the terrible turn in the weather may be enough to make you change your mind about jogging. When the fitness urge strikes; it's best to do something right away, but it would be downright stupid for a beginner to jog along the icy sidewalks against the wind. The foul weather has got you stuck inside so you might as well make the most of it. Jog inside.

An American attorney, Seymour Lieberman, was at one time a track star in his college days at the University of Illinois. But like many, by the time he reached mid-thirties, he went to pot. Busy as a lawyer, he found he didn't have the time to lounge around fitness clubs. He wanted to get back into shape doing something that would not interfere with his precious sparetime at home.

Every medical person he sought for advise recommended running. Where and when was Lieberman's problem. Knowing it takes about eight minutes to jog one mile, Lieberman came to the conclusion that he could jog in his own bedroom or hallway for eight minutes, each morning or night before bed, and cover the same distance. The Lieberman Trot. Worthy enough to have been included in the adult program of the President's Council of Youth Fitness curriculum.

The 20 Minute Work-out and other similar methods of exercising do jogging on the spot, with vigorous arm and leg movements. Many beginners try to keep up, but often end up frustrated and overworked. The sense of failure is enough to make most beginners quit.

The Lieberman Trot is a much simpler exercise to do. There's very little to remember and it can be done at the individual's pace. The only equipment you'll need is a pair of soft-soled slippers or the new jogging shoes you've been anxious to wear.

Start the exercise by changing into something comfortable to wear. Now begin by running slowly, no faster than a walk. You are trying to jog in slow motion to move leisurely. Rather than the heel-toe action while jogging from point A to B, the foot should land with the ball of the foot first and then the heel. Hold your chest high and your abdomen in. By tightening your abdominal muscles for the duration of the exercise, you will strengthen them, until eventually you will no longer feel the need to hold them in. Keep the rest of your body as limp as a rag doll. Your arms and fingers should shake along with the flesh and musecles of the entire body. Move to and from a certain spot in the room or hall, and every fourth or fifth stride roll your head to the right and to the left keeping it as close to the shoulder as possible.

After two minutes of jogging your heart rate will increase. After five minutes a normal heart rate of 70 beats per minute can go as high as 120 beats per minute or higher. The rapid beating develops the heart muscles enabling the heart to withstand rigorous demands or sudden shocks of emotional strain. The rapid beating increases and improves blood circulation throughout the entire body. The smallest veins and capillaries and their tiny muscles will be strengthened.

The jogging motion causes the hipbone to massage the flesh and fat surrounding it, creating weight loss in the hip area.

Begin with two minutes each day gradually building up to the eight minutes and you'll be bringing into play about 300 separate body movements.

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