Column 36 - Self Assessment Test

Original publication date: May 9, 1984

This is the first of three self-assessment tests, designed to help you become more aware of your attitude toward fitness, your present level of fitness, and to help you define your fitness goals.

This first test is to provide you with a clearer picture of your attitude toward fitness.

After reading each statement, click to indicate how you most often feel.

strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
Basically I am a sedentary person (inactive).
Exercise is enjoyable.
When I was a child my family encouraged me to exercise.
Exercise is boring.
The ability to master a fitness program would be an exciting challenge to me.
I avoid physical activity.
I have an increased sense of well-being after I exercise.
I usually find excuses not to exercise.
Maintaining a fitness program would show I have willpower.
Looking good is important to me.
Physncally fit people always look better.
I dont like looking unfit.

Click to get the results of your self assessment test.

Image: If you scored 9 or more you probably think of yourself as a fairly active person. Applying this positive image toward your exercise program will contribute to your success. If you scored 6 or less, you may be hampered by a negative image of yourself. A sedentary image is often inherited from one's family. A regular fitness program should help you improve that image.

Enjoyment: If you scored 9 or more you probably already exercise. If you scored 6 or less you probably do not enjoy exercise. You can make it more pleasant by working out with a friend, to music, and at a pleasant location.

Appearance: If you scored 9 or above, your appearance is quite 1mportant to you. Your positive attitude toward your appearance means you'll want to keep up the good work and will exercise to do so. If you scored 6 or less, appearance is not your most important motivation for fitness. Keep in mind a fit body is attractive at any age.

Discipline: If you scored 9 or more, it is important to you to be in control of your life. This attitude will serve as an effective tool in helping you succeed with a regular fitness program. If you scored 6 or less, record-keeping charts should be kept and updated every time you exercise, to help you control your daily habits and exercise patterns.

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