Column 7 - Exercises for Jowels and Saggy Chins

Original publication date: October 19, 1983

You've always hated exercise and you always will. And there isn't anyone who's going to get you involved with this fitness "fad" we're caught up in. So you're a few pounds heavier than you should be and the rolls of fat are everywhere. You're happy the way you are and you feel not too bad. Besides, nobody notices the extra weight with that loose dress or the three piece suit on. Or do they?

The bulges can be hldden from the neck down, but what about the area from the collar on up? If rolls of fat spill over that collar as if your worst enemy had tied your tie, or if you're always mistaken as being much older than you are, it's time to do something with your face.

There are about 97 small, thin muscles scattered everywhere in our face. They are used for bodily functions such as eating, sneezing, blinking and talking. They only become pronounced, however, when we make faces, smile or frown. Without facial muscles, communication would be very difficult. Since our expressions are more eloquent than words, we rely a great deal on the muscles of the face to perform.

The muscles are hidden by a thin layer of fat (or should be). Too much fat on the face, noticed as baggy eyes, puffy cheeks and jowls that never end, add years to our face, which ‘nobody wants. Too much fat adds a mask-like appearance to an otherwise attractive face.

So many actresses, actors, and star person- alities have had face lifts to eliminate all the problems I've just mentioned. You can get a face lift if you have lots of money, or you can avoid the whole thing by practicing a set of facial exercises. If you don't like conventional exercises or don't feel you have the time for them, facial exercises require little effort and can be done anytime, anywhere. You may even fool your friends into thinking you have lost weight without having to move from the television set.

The jowl rub is a good exercise for erasing the telltale signs of weariness, those bags under the bags under the eyes. Using a lotion, preferably one with a lanolin base, to ease the wear and tear on your face (especially men), rub upwards with the heels of your hands from the jawbone to your eyes. Start with repetitions of 15 and increase by one each day to a goal of 50.

The balloon face is good for muscles centrally located in the face. It helps tighten puffy cheeks. Puff your cheeks out as far as you can. Touch your tongue to the inside of your left cheek and then to the right. Relax. Repeat 20 times and increase by one to a goal of 35.

The strong yawn is a good exercise for tightening baggy chins and loose "turkey". necks. Thrust your chin down and outward and strain to keep it there for three seconds. Repeat 15 times then increase by one to a goal of 35.

Create your own facial exercise. Contort and twist your face into as many shapes as possible. Your face will probably feel sore for a few days, just as any part of your body would when starting an exercise program. Keep w1th it and you w1ll feel a dlfference.

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